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Support U.S. Biotech Jobs

By Supporting U.S. Biotech Jobs, We Can Create Millions of American Jobs, Increase American Manufacturing, And Protect America’s Vulnerable Supply Chain
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U.S Biotech Companies Create Millions of American Jobs

The U.S. biotech sector is critical to the American economy, employing more than 900,000 workers in high-paying jobs and supporting an additional 3.5 million jobs across our economy. The average American biotech job pays more than $145,000 — $60,000 more than the average U.S. manufacturing job and more than twice the average U.S. job.

U.S. Biotech Jobs Can Increase American Manufacturing

As U.S. manufacturing jobs have been shipped overseas, American workers and communities who depended on these jobs for generations have been left devastated. Already directly employing an estimated 267,000 American workers and supporting nearly 1.9 million more jobs across the country, biotech manufacturing can play a major role in bringing these jobs home. Instead of being required to obtain an unaffordable four-year college degree, many workers can obtain these jobs through community colleges and apprenticeship training programs.

States with U.S. biotech manufacturing facilities include:






New Hampshire

North Carolina




U.S. Biotech Jobs Can Protect America's Supply Chain

Onshoring biotech manufacturing jobs will make Americans safer from supply chain threats. Around 80% “of the basic components used in U.S. drugs” come from China and India. Even many of the drugs that are imported to America from India and Europe are reliant on Chinese supply chains. Chinese biotech companies have supplied as much as 90 percent of the antibiotics, vitamin C, ibuprofen and hydrocortisone in the United States.


According to a recent report, the FDA only inspected 6% of overseas plants where drugs and their ingredients are produced in 2022. As a result of an overreliance on these unreliable foreign manufacturers that often fail quality controls, shortages of cancer drugs and other life-saving medications are reaching their worst point in a decade. Bringing biotech manufacturing jobs home can shore up America’s supply chain and ensure that we don’t face shortages of safe and life-saving drugs.

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