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Support U.S. Healthcare Innovation

By Fixing Our Broken Tax Code, Cutting Unnecessary Red Tape, And Supporting Intellectual Property Protections, We Can Empower U.S. Healthcare Innovators To Develop Medicines For Patients Everywhere And Keep America Strong Against China
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U.S. Healthcare Innovation Develops Medicines for Patients Everywhere

The United States leads the world in healthcare innovation, accounting for more than half of drug patent inventorship. The American biopharmaceutical industry is the single largest funder of research and development in the United States. With this investment, American pharmaceutical companies are focusing their efforts to understand and treat disease where people have the greatest need for breakthroughs and new treatments. Combining new technologies in science with decades of cancer research, they are advancing the prevention and treatment of cancer, ensuring a diagnosis is no longer seen as a death sentence.


In addition, American pharmaceutical companies are focusing on new medicines and vaccines that address respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), migraines, and sickle cell disease among many others. American pharmaceutical companies will work to ensure there is the supply and access needed for these medicines. These powerful new medicines with targeted technology will give hope to patients everywhere. 

U.S. Healthcare Innovation Keeps America Strong

A strong American biopharmaceutical industry is an urgent matter of national security. China is currently engaged in a 10-year strategic plan to become the global biotech leader, stealing over $2.4 trillion in U.S. intellectual property (IP) in their mission to surpass the United States. To keep America strong, the United States must protect its intellectual property and incentivize the innovation of new and groundbreaking results.

U.S Innovation is Held Back by Red Tape and America's Broken Tax Code

Government overreach, red tape, and America’s broken tax code stops life-saving medical innovation every single day. We must cut unnecessary bureaucratic regulations and reform the tax code to create well-paying jobs and new medical breakthroughs that will save lives, keeping America innovative, strong, and secure. 

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